Causes Of Lip Hair Growth And How to Remove It

removing unwanted hair on the upper lipWomen are said to be less hairy than men but there are always exception to this rule. We know that there are some women who are a little hairy compared to others. This sometimes happen due to some medical reasons.

The most common area where women have unwanted hairs is on the face particularly in the upper lip. Some hairs are thick and dark making them look like they have moustache which makes them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. You can find out more information on laser hair removal here Centre EpilDef.

Women remove unwanted hairs on the upper lip by shaving, waxing, plucking and many other methods known these days. But before you go on getting rid of that hair, know the reason why they are there:

What Causes Lip Hair Growth?

If you’re a woman, watching your lip hair change from light, downy fuzz to coarse, dark hair … Read more

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